Giving and Forgiving

December 10th, 2009 Angela

How busy are you with you lists of gifts? Are you nearly finished or barely started? How much thought and consideration is going into your gift-giving? Is it what is expected or what you genuinely want to do? Sometimes we give when we are actually requesting forgiveness. We are making attempts to spend ourselves to finding the peace we want in our lives. During this season of giving, free yourself from the pain and allow yourself to give more or yourself to others; not the gifts that are replacing the emotions you want to share. Free yourslf. Give the gift of you to your loved ones. You will both feel more overjoyed. You are a gift.

Make This Year Count

December 1st, 2009 Angela

Have you started to look over the year and your resolutions, goals and objectives to see how far you have come toward accomplishments? How are things going? Is someone holding you accountable? Are you being honest with yourself? Are you asking for help? Do you know where to go or whom to ask? Amazing turn-arounds can happen in a very short span of time. You can make things happen for you. Do you want honest, creative support? Contact me for a complimentary session and a free report on great tips for a New Beginning. Make this year count.

Giving Thanks

November 19th, 2009 Angela

Another year approaching with the celebration of giving thanks. How will this year be different for you? Is it all about that favorite dish or really about spending special time with family? Enjoy the foods that have been prepared or purchased, but seek out answers and listen to the stories of the elders. Find out what the children think of the celebration. Determine what you can do to make the next celebration more special as everyone continues to age gracefully. How does it make you feel? These are points to ponder.

Aging Gracefully

October 29th, 2009 Angela

Do you often hear the phrase, “You look good for your age?” Why can’t you just look good? Are we too sensitive? Does the person mean we are aging well? Is it a compliment? As baby boomers become older, many of us are becoming more aware and taking better care of ourselves. We are often responsible for the care of other family members — sometimes parents; often grandchildren or other family members. It is crucial that we put ourselves first. “We are not able to fill someone else’s cup if ours is empty.” So get out today and do something just for you. Go for a walk, purchase those fantastic boots you have been eyeing for the past few weeks, go to see a movie, call a friend. You deserve it. It’s all about aging gracefully.

Holiday Preparation

October 6th, 2009 Angela

86 days and counting down until the end of the year. Where has the year gone? If you are a caregiver, you have probably done more than your share of work and caring with little or no time spent on you. It’s time to take the time before everyone is super busy in the upcoming months. Share some of your holiday tips with our group. Join us for a weekly tele-conference for Holiday Tips for Caregivers.

You Are A Star

September 15th, 2009 Angela

As summer draws to a close, we start to notice the changing leaves on the not-so-green lawns. Kids and the not-so-young are returning to school. Some of us are attempting new careers.
This is a New Beginning for us. There is fear, confusion along with the excitement of trying something new and different. As we meet a smiling face, let’s remember it is a symbol of encouragement. That person realizes what we often forget — we really are stars. Have a stellar day.

Caregiver Guilt

August 21st, 2009 Angela

When we have been thrust into the arena as the major caregiver for a family member, we are often riddled with guilt. We have to realize it’s not our fault. Stop the blame, shame and criticism. We are doing what we think is necesscary and beneficial for our loved ones. We must remember we also have to take care of ourselves. Support groups are terrific avenues to share feelings, overcome some of the anxieties and stresses that are a natural part of caregiving. Share your thougts and feeling with us.


August 2nd, 2009 Angela

Remember being caught in the act of doing something as a child?? Someone — a friend or relative — used your guilt to constantly remind you of that act. You were convinced to share unwillingly with that person, offer him/her special favors. Has that manipulation made the journey into adulthood with us? Forgive the act and forgive the manipulator. Release the guilt and really let it go. The manipulator no longer has reins on us. What do you think?

Can You Do Everything?

July 20th, 2009 Angela

In this multi-tasking, do-it-yourself society, are you still trying to be a super person? Even when we know that it causes excess stress, anxiety and confusion, we are still trying to prove to someone that we really can accomplish more than the average person all by ourselves. Yes, we are able to accomplish great feats — with help. Delegation is so important. And guess what!! Our family, friends and associates are often eager and pleased to be entrusted with some of those activities we mistakenly thought were meant only for our eyes. What are you willing to delegate? I know it’s not easy. Start with something really simple and graduate to releasing more and more.
Everyone will be better for it.

What Have You Done Lately?

July 16th, 2009 Angela

We are in the midst of summer. How are your plans for summer activities going? Did you make plans? Did they include something specifically to benefit you? When we benefit, others also reap those rewards. Make some summer plans or weekend plans or maybe even a plan for today. The importance is to follow through. I am eager to hear about your successful results from your plan.