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Why Wait

March 15th, 2010 Angela

As a part of my weekly interview series, I did a tour and a pre-interview with a cemetery counselor. This was really an interesting 60 minutes. I viewed the huge facility. There were mausoleums, and underground graves. There was a crematorium. There was absolutely no pressure, just information.
When we are truly informed, we are able to make better decisions. The grounds were beautiful. The atmosphere was serene. Pre-need services are offered at a greatly reduced rate than at-need services. A great percentage of the population decides to wait. The emotions are much too strong to make this kind of decision at the time of death. How do you justify your decision not to decide to purchase pre-need cemetery services? Call or visit your local cemetery for a tour today.

Your Award

March 2nd, 2010 Angela

The recent and upcoming award shows receive our attention. The celebrities look beautiful. The events appear to be fun. How often do you give awards? No, there does not have to be a trophy or a certificate. Words are so important. Actions are more important. Who deserves an award from you? When was the last time you received an award? Let’s add the special touch and give yourself an award today. Later, today bestow a special unsuspecting award on a very deserving person in your life. We are all worthy.