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Count Down

December 29th, 2009 Angela

Another 365 days have nearly passed. Have you been reviewing goals, resolutions and objectives to determine how much has been accomplished? Are you scrambling to try to get in something at the last minute? Are you remembering what is really important in life? The time spent with family and friends, the joy of watching life evolve. Have you counted your wins this year? Even the ones you might consider minimal? It all matters. It all counts. Let’s not take anything for granted in 2010. We are all winnners.

Happy Holidays

December 21st, 2009 Angela

Is the shopping complete? Have you purchased all the ingredients for that special menu? Are you excited? Or are you starting to feel exhausted? Let’s make this holiday season a truly happy occasion. Take time from each day — actually several times each day to just relax and laugh about something you have done, something you remember from the recent or distant past. Happy memories and thoughts assist us during all the transitions in life. Make this a happy holiday. Share the love and joy from a pleasant memory.

Giving and Forgiving

December 10th, 2009 Angela

How busy are you with you lists of gifts? Are you nearly finished or barely started? How much thought and consideration is going into your gift-giving? Is it what is expected or what you genuinely want to do? Sometimes we give when we are actually requesting forgiveness. We are making attempts to spend ourselves to finding the peace we want in our lives. During this season of giving, free yourself from the pain and allow yourself to give more or yourself to others; not the gifts that are replacing the emotions you want to share. Free yourslf. Give the gift of you to your loved ones. You will both feel more overjoyed. You are a gift.

Make This Year Count

December 1st, 2009 Angela

Have you started to look over the year and your resolutions, goals and objectives to see how far you have come toward accomplishments? How are things going? Is someone holding you accountable? Are you being honest with yourself? Are you asking for help? Do you know where to go or whom to ask? Amazing turn-arounds can happen in a very short span of time. You can make things happen for you. Do you want honest, creative support? Contact me for a complimentary session and a free report on great tips for a New Beginning. Make this year count.