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Can You Do Everything?

July 20th, 2009 Angela

In this multi-tasking, do-it-yourself society, are you still trying to be a super person? Even when we know that it causes excess stress, anxiety and confusion, we are still trying to prove to someone that we really can accomplish more than the average person all by ourselves. Yes, we are able to accomplish great feats — with help. Delegation is so important. And guess what!! Our family, friends and associates are often eager and pleased to be entrusted with some of those activities we mistakenly thought were meant only for our eyes. What are you willing to delegate? I know it’s not easy. Start with something really simple and graduate to releasing more and more.
Everyone will be better for it.

What Have You Done Lately?

July 16th, 2009 Angela

We are in the midst of summer. How are your plans for summer activities going? Did you make plans? Did they include something specifically to benefit you? When we benefit, others also reap those rewards. Make some summer plans or weekend plans or maybe even a plan for today. The importance is to follow through. I am eager to hear about your successful results from your plan.

Aging Parents

July 10th, 2009 Angela

Can you remember the first time you thought your parents were old? How about in junior high when you requested they drop you off because they would be the only parents (ie oldest) attending the event? Don’t forget your college visits when your parents totally disagreed with your point of view?(because they were old) After settling into your career and reminiscing on something you vividly remember; your parents don’t recall or their version is quite different from yours? Have you noticed established routines changing — visiting familiar places, less participation in favorite activies? It’s not about our parents aging, but how we handle the situation. How is it affecting your life? Who is supporting you?
What are you doing about it?


July 5th, 2009 Angela

Americans celebrated our country’s freedom on July 4th. How much independence are you achieving? Do you wish for more financial freedom, a freer lifefstyle or just more free time? How important is it to you? Why is it important to you?
What does the bigger picture of independence mean to you? Let’s help others help us toward the freedom we desire. This could be the beginning for a New Beginnings Woman.