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Where are you now?

April 6th, 2010 Angela

We are in the second quarter of 2010. Some of us are still determining if we call it two thousand ten or twenty ten. Whatever your decision, where are you now? How are you feeling about your life? Are you doing things that you want to do or are you continuing to do what you think others think you should be doing? Are you a caretaker? Who is taking care of you? Where do you rank yourself on your list of priorities? Are you continuing to evolve? Have you made plans for a summer vacation? Have you added spring colors to your wardrobe or even changed some of the more wintry elements of your home? Let’s make 2010 more about you. Call or send me an email with some of your ideas for continuing to make this your year. Where are you now?

Why Wait

March 15th, 2010 Angela

As a part of my weekly interview series, I did a tour and a pre-interview with a cemetery counselor. This was really an interesting 60 minutes. I viewed the huge facility. There were mausoleums, and underground graves. There was a crematorium. There was absolutely no pressure, just information.
When we are truly informed, we are able to make better decisions. The grounds were beautiful. The atmosphere was serene. Pre-need services are offered at a greatly reduced rate than at-need services. A great percentage of the population decides to wait. The emotions are much too strong to make this kind of decision at the time of death. How do you justify your decision not to decide to purchase pre-need cemetery services? Call or visit your local cemetery for a tour today.

Your Award

March 2nd, 2010 Angela

The recent and upcoming award shows receive our attention. The celebrities look beautiful. The events appear to be fun. How often do you give awards? No, there does not have to be a trophy or a certificate. Words are so important. Actions are more important. Who deserves an award from you? When was the last time you received an award? Let’s add the special touch and give yourself an award today. Later, today bestow a special unsuspecting award on a very deserving person in your life. We are all worthy.


February 21st, 2010 Angela

We often take so much for granted. Everything counts. When was the last time you replaced the bulb for the night light? How about the battery for the remote? How many filters are left for the coffee maker? Has the garage door been oiled recently? What about our family and friends? Do they know you love them because you told them recently, or is this something else we take for granted? It all counts. How grateful are you today? Tell someone you love them and appreciate their presence in your life.

Winter Layering

February 9th, 2010 Angela

Many of us are experiencing really cold winter weather with some extreme temperatures tempered with rain and snow. When we venture into the great outdoors, we are totally layered. The heavier sweaters, lined pants, scarves, and gloves have found their way out of
storage and into our daily wear. Oftentime as caregivers, clothing is not the only thing that adds layers. We pack on layers of memories, blame, procrastination. As spring approaches, these layers are not shedded. They stay with us until we make a decision to do something about them. What layers are you piling on? What are you doing about your extra layers?

Are You Empowered

February 1st, 2010 Angela

Are you allowing others to determine how you feel, what works in your life, when and how you make decisions? What is your next move? Do you feel that you have a choice in your decisions? Are the decisions you make most beneficial to you? Being empowered allows us to accept what is. It gives us choices. Our decisions can make our lives simpler and easier. Let’s make choices to be who we were really meant to be. We can empower ourselves. Everyone benefits from this experience.

Transformational Tuesdays

January 19th, 2010 Angela

Tonight is the night to toss your stress away. Join an exciting interview to reduce stress. Listen, learn and discuss common stress triggers, eliminators and more. Find out if what you are dealing with is really stress.
Determine if you want to continue on this path or if taking a detour is the best alternative.
Listen to different options for handling stress. Get lots of surprises. Join us tonight at 7:00 PDT.
The call in number is 218 486 1616. The pass code is 375514#. Your opinion matters.

Transformational Tuesdays

January 7th, 2010 Angela

Are you ready to make the changes you have been thinking, talking, sulking, dreaming about? Let’s get started on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. Participate in live interviews with experts in health and fitness, stress reduction, relationships, aging and much much more. Just send me an email, blog comment, tweet, or even a phone call to get started. 2010 can be our year for real transformation. We have a team in place to support you on this journey. Are you ready?

Count Down

December 29th, 2009 Angela

Another 365 days have nearly passed. Have you been reviewing goals, resolutions and objectives to determine how much has been accomplished? Are you scrambling to try to get in something at the last minute? Are you remembering what is really important in life? The time spent with family and friends, the joy of watching life evolve. Have you counted your wins this year? Even the ones you might consider minimal? It all matters. It all counts. Let’s not take anything for granted in 2010. We are all winnners.

Happy Holidays

December 21st, 2009 Angela

Is the shopping complete? Have you purchased all the ingredients for that special menu? Are you excited? Or are you starting to feel exhausted? Let’s make this holiday season a truly happy occasion. Take time from each day — actually several times each day to just relax and laugh about something you have done, something you remember from the recent or distant past. Happy memories and thoughts assist us during all the transitions in life. Make this a happy holiday. Share the love and joy from a pleasant memory.